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«Jape Produkter AB» manufactures products and complete solutions for the problem of buildings. We have our own production, offices and warehouses in Hassleholm, in southern Sweden.

The company was founded in 1984 by Peter Klintebergom, who worked for more than 30 years with the internal and external problems of buildings, like mold, humidity, odors, fungal attack, etc.
Our knowledge and experience through a very extensive. The basis of the company is its own technology and design.


Products are designed to solve all possible problems that can occur both inside and outside of the old buildings, or the construction of new ones, such as mold, humidity, odors, fungal attack, etc. Our goal - to offer vseobemlyuschey help businesses involved cleaning and refurbishment. As a wholesale company, we also collaborate with construction and trade organizations. For example, one of the most famous in Sweden ventilation floor is Icopal System Jape. In addition, we still have a wide range of plastic and paper products for the building.

Product groups:
jape est

Gentle to the environment and to human products for cleaning, anti-algae, mold and mildew, as well as related tools, equipment, etc. Products for drainage. Production of plastic and paper used in construction. Method of laying mechanically ventilated floors and other construction methods. Wood preservatives. Oil, paint and accessories. Biocide for processing raw wood at the sawmill.


All sales through the dealer network.

Jape Est OÜ company introduces a new product on the Estonian market of biosecurity for your home and garden. Swedish company «Jape Produkter AB» leader in biosecurity. We present in Estonia FRI-Series products: Grön-Fri, Mögel-Fri, Prick-Fri, Underhålstvätt, Målningstvätt.

The entire series is designed for controlling undesirable vegetation on the roofs, façades, in damp areas (basements, swimming pools) to remove the mold, blue stain on the tree as an antiseptic wood, brick and concrete walls and foundations.

All products are certified for quality and safe for humans and animals.

Constructed or acquired the house, we did not immediately notice that the structure of our chosen various plants and microorganisms. As a rule, it is primarily seen on the roof and the foundation. Any roof covering (slate, Onduline, metal, ceramic tile, etc.) will eventually lose its original appearance. The reason for that are the weather, as well as moss, lichen, mold, and various fungal spores, which are not only impair the appearance, but slowly and surely destroy the very structure of the material.
Affected areas (visually look like a typical dark patina) slate and ceramic tiles become loose and the material brittle. The paint on the metal surface is destroyed, which promotes corrosion.
Foundation, blind area, basement, walls (masonry, plaster surfaces, fences and fence in dark places slowly overgrown green coating (moss) and, at first covered with small cracks, and then slowly begin to break down.
Fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, virtually everywhere in our latitudes, covered with moss and lichen. This phenomenon is not only delays the development and life of plants, but also leads to their premature death. Surface aeration hinder growth of the cortex, which leads to water-logging, and as a consequence - to rot.

The products we offer Swedish «Jape Produkter AB» can significantly increase the life of the machined surfaces of buildings, and extends the life of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs on our sites.

The advantages of our products are:
- The uniqueness of products. Absence of analogues on the Estonian market;
- Environmental and safety. Scandinavian requirements for these indicators are among the most stringent in the world;
- Used to have missed surfaces and prevention;
- High efficiency and duration. Protection of growing up to 4 years, depending on the material surface, and up to 10 years before the initial (before treatment) condition;
- Do not be adversely affected by construction materials.

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Jape Est OÜ

Marati 5, TALLINN 11712

Call us: +372 661 0116

E-mail: info@jape.eu

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