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Grön-Fri Colour - this protective agent for wood, water-based with the presence of pigment.

Along with the protection of wood against mold and blue, the surface gets a beautiful color, which protects the wood from damage by ultraviolet rays sun.

Grön-Fri Colour - is a unique and patented product.

Grön-Fri Colour is based on has been repeatedly tested and is effective Grön-Fri.
Brief Grön-Fri Colour:

• Protects against mold and blue stain
• Beautiful shades of transparent glaze
• Applying both industrially and by low-pressure sprayer.
• Available in wide range of colors
• Ability to repaint all types of paints.
• The safety of transportation in transport (basic)
• For previously untreated wood
• Patented


Wood products, such as building elements of wood and wooden houses, made in factories supplied and installed often unpainted. There is a need to become possible to conduct individual staining in the same place and mount assembly.

Another reason is that the usual paint that is applied to the production site can be damaged during transportation and damage must be corrected, leading to a rise in the cost of production, as well as the risk of changes in the desired colors.
Untreated lumber risk after mounting outdoors be damaged by mold, if they do not immediately be painted with paint that protects against mold.

Staining of lumber and wood products, contaminated with mold is often not enough to kill mold and mold spores that have already established themselves in the wood. Under favorable conditions for mold, such as wet weather at temperatures above 5 ° C, the mold will continue to destroy the timber, even under a coat of paint, causing severe damage.

Grön-Fri Colour - a feature that protects against mold, wood products, without harmful effects on the wood, as well as give the surface a beautiful color, which can then be repainted any color without any deterioration of paint or color.




Available colors:

Grön-Fri Colour Brown

Grön-Fri Colour Green

Grön-Fri Colour Dark

Grön-Fri Colour Yellow

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